The educational goal of Saga University is to equip students with a global viewpoint, and to teach them to become independent members of society by taking advantage of the rich general knowledge and expertise they acquire. Through academic education on campus, you’ll be armed with competencies for surviving in the real world. What we want you to achieve from campus life is competence in acting as a part of society and in learning from everything for your whole life.

Prior to admission, you chose a faculty, a department and a course from the programs of Saga University based on your interest. In the coming years, you’ll gain higher-level expertise, skills and abilities in the course of academic life. But the knowledge, skills and abilities you gain won’t work effectively unless you apply them properly. It’s you who’ll be applying your knowledge, skills and abilities in society. Where and how you use these is significant in our complex, modern society. The more sophisticated your knowledge, skills and abilities become, the better you’ll be able to express your humanity. This is why we focus on enriching programs of general education.

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